Solar Energy

Grid-Connected Solar Energy Systems

Grid-Connected Solar Energy Systems Through this service, we provide customers with a solar energy system for homes, complexes, corporate headquarters, and more. It helps them reduce their conventional electricity consumption or even eliminate it entirely, offering excellent long-term return on investment.

Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems

Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems Through these systems, we harness solar energy during the day to operate pumps and submersible pumps, lifting water and storing it in tanks for use in irrigation or drinking purposes. This approach eliminates the traditional methods of using diesel-powered pumps or electric generators to operate the pumps.

Off-Grid Solar Energy Systems

Off-Grid Solar Energy Systems This service is offered to customers in locations where public electricity is not available. We provide an independent solar energy system that generates power during the day and stores it in batteries for nighttime use. By utilizing this solution, we eliminate the need for environmentally-harmful diesel…

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